05-23-2018 Interview with Webb Simpson

Interview with Webb Simpson

THE MODERATOR: We'd like to welcome in Webb Simpson to the interview room at the Fort Worth Invitational. Webb, first start since winning the PLAYERS Championship in such a dominating fashion. How were you able to spend your time off last week?

WEBB SIMPSON: I was home last week and didn't have a whole lot plans. Played golf one day with some guys, practiced a little bit, but really just rested. I was a husband and dad again for a week. Life went on as normal in the Simpson household. Kids were excited.

It was nice Monday morning to get back into the routine, but it was also hard being at home after having a good week of golf.

I was excited to get here and tee it up this week.

THE MODERATOR: Two Top-5 finishes here in the last two years. Comments about the course and how it plays to the strengths of your game.

WEBB SIMPSON: Well, I really enjoy playing here for the reason that it seems like most holes you have the option of hitting driver or as short as a 4-iron off the tee.

Greens are small so you have to be really accurate with your approach shots. I grew up on greens that look very similar to this. I grew up on bent greens that are undulating. They're not super quick but they're not slow, so it's that perfect speed to make a lot of putts.

Yeah, I took maybe five- or six-year break from coming here. Coming back a couple years ago, playing well, I realize my game has changed in the last couple years and it is a good golf course for me.

It feels great to be here, and excited for the competition.


Q. What was it that made you come back after the long absence?
WEBB SIMPSON: Well, you know, in a given year I try to find two-week breaks where it makes sense for my schedule. Two weeks off does so much more than one week off.

I didn't play well here or Byron Nelson, and so it just made sense. Then I got to the point where I really want to focus on courses I thought fit my game well. This course hitting that long, I'm not that long. You have to be accurate; you have to get in the fairway. Pretty long rough.

Just kind of made sense to me. I watched on TV, watched guys play, and it seemed like the kind of course where if I would come and kind of learn it over again I might have success. You know, it worked.

Q. Your score in the last victory there and last week, you guys are really going low. I know obviously you're great players, but what's going on? Is it setup? Seems like every week just really low numbers.
WEBB SIMPSON: Well, I think we've had a great year of weather this year on the tour. You know, Sawgrass normally the greens are pretty firm and it blows 15 or 20 every day. This year the greens were a little softer and it didn't blow that hard.

So the scores didn't surprise me too much. I mean, I think if the wind had kicked up to what it normally was, half of what we a shot would've been about right.

Last week, I've never played Trinity, but guys definitely made a lot of birdies; took advantage of it.

I don't know. I mean, guys are definitely getting better. No question about that. There is definitely more guys who can win. You know, the average age of a guy winning is a lot lower than it used to be.

I think those things are all good for the game. I think guys sitting at home, people sitting at home, want to see birdies made and like to see low numbers.

We have our tournaments where closer to even par wins, so I like it.

Q. Here at Colonial, accuracy off the tee is more of a premium than distance. Talk about your plan of attack or how you've done it in years past versus this year?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I mean, again, every hole you have that opportunity. You can play it safe and go have a 6-iron in, or you can hit driver and have a wedge in.

For us, it's more the holes that I feel comfortable enough to hit driver. Where, you know, guys might not like hitting driver on that hole. Like 9 is a good example. I like hitting driver because I feel like the water is short and long is tough.

So if I do miss the fairway, I would rather have a sand wedge in than lay back with a hybrid and miss the fairway; now I got an 8-iron in. So there are decisions like that to be made on a lot of the holes.

15 is another hole where if you can carry it 285 you can carry all the bunkers. But I can't, and so I'll hit 5-wood and have two or three more clubs into the green than a lot of guys.

But I've still given myself enough birdie chances throughout the round where I feel like I can make up those shots.

Q. What's the difference between a PLAYERS Championship and a major? Do you feel like a two-time major winner?
WEBB SIMPSON: You know, I think as a player you measure it by who is in the tournament and the pressure that you feel. I feel extremely blessed to have won the PLAYERS against the greatest field in golf.

It is really tough to win at any course, but a course with a lot of trouble, especially on the back nine. I think that's why it's got the major feel, because it's tough to finish strong and close out around that place.

But I've heard a lot of people ask me about should it be a major? I don't know. I think every tournament is important to us. You have your majors, and The PLAYERS is kind of -- it's as important and it's kind of in its own category.

So it's definitely nice knowing that the field strength was what it was.

THE MODERATOR: All right. Thank you for your time.

WEBB SIMPSON: Thank you.

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