05-26-2018 Third-Round Remarks from Brooks Koepka, 70-63-67 – 200 (-10)

Third-Round Remarks from Brooks Koepka, 70-63-67 – 200 (-10)

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Q. You said yesterday that you were really happy with the game plan you and your caddie put together. For tomorrow, what specifically are you going to have to execute to get this first win?
BROOKS KOEPKA: Yeah, stick with what we're doing. You know, it's working right now. I feel like just need to get off to a good start on this golf course.

If you can get 2- or 3-under through six holes, I think you'll be right there. Obviously any time you're within three (indiscernible) give yourself a chance.

Q. Another solid day on the golf course for you: 5 birdies, one blemish on the card at 11. Thoughts on how it went today.
BROOKS KOEPKA: Feel like I played pretty solid. Still making putts. Just need to -- I don't know, just pulling a few drives if I'm honest with you.

Then on 11 just kind of one of those freak things, you know, the driver head comes loose off the tee. Felt like the club just wiggled in my hand and we're in a divot. It's still a bad swing regardless from the middle of the fairway.

Would've been nice to go in there with a 4- or 5-iron instead of 3-iron. Playing really well and I'm pleased with where I'm at.

Q. Your first go-around here in tournament competition. What have you learned over the first three days that will help you tomorrow?
BROOKS KOEPKA: Got to get off to a good start here. If you can birdie the first two, at least, put some pressure on Rosey, you'll be just fine.

You got to kind of manage that middle part of the round.

And then this back nine, to be honest with you, you can really get it or you can just be parring it to death. It's one of those things where I think if you hit the fairway on the back nine, you've got some really good looks. Just need to do that tomorrow.

Q. You mentioned your putting. Over 100 feet worth of putts again today. Just getting more and more comfortable out here?
BROOKS KOEPKA: Yeah. Any time you're out here for -- I don't know, we've been playing now for five weeks I guess you could say -- you're going to feel more comfortable with where you are.

I feel like my game is coming around. New Orleans I was five days into touching clubs. I am finally finding a rhythm and feel like I'm getting really close.

Q. Given the fact that you may be one of the first groups back in the lead, how does that change your mindset, whether it's four strokes versus maybe one or two?
BROOKS KOEPKA: Could care less. Just want to get off to a good start. That's really all I am trying to do. You put together a good solid round tomorrow, you never know what can happen.

Important thing is we were just trying to get in that final group. I thought the putt on 18 was kind of big to get in that final group and play with Rosey.

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