05-27-2018 Final-Round Remarks from Jon Rahm, 68-70-64-68 – 270 (-10)

Final-Round Remarks from Jon Rahm, 68-70-64-68 – 270 (-10)

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Q. Really solid week. Justin Rose obviously playing out of his mind right now. For you, what was the transition of emotions and strategies?
JON RAHM: Well, obviously you want to make up as many shots as possible, especially the first four because they were relatively easy today.

Then in my case, I missed a couple putts. You go from that to trying to be too aggressive. And then I got to a point (indiscernible).

You know, sometimes just what happens when you try to make up room and you're six shots back and he's making birdies.

Sometimes you just need to stick to your own game.

Q. T2 last year; T5 now. What is it about this course, and is next year going to be your year? Call it right now?
JON RAHM: I'm not going to call anything. To be honest, I think it will be better for me if it's windy, because that way everybody will be missing fairways and score will be a lot lower and my strategy would actually (indiscernible) ....and irons, driver, absolutely killing it, it's hard.

But, I mean, two appearances, second place and fifth place, I'll take it. This week I was feeling really good. Could have been a lot better, but sometimes you don't make putts.

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