Volunteer registration for the 2024 event will begin in January.
New Volunteers
If you have never volunteered before – please read below for available volunteer opportunities.
Returning Volunteers
Please click here to access the volunteer application if you are a returning volunteer with a committee code.
The following opportunities provide volunteers with the chance to go behind the scenes of one of Fort Worth’s largest annual events. To learn more about the tournament volunteer committee opportunities available to you, please click on each opportunity name for expanded information.
Volunteers should expect to work anywhere from 2-5 days, depending on the committee. 
Please note that some committees have extensive waitlists. If you would like to volunteer this year, regardless of the committee, please contact Lyn Lackey at 817-840-2300 or via email at [email protected]
This committee is at every entry point, to help with security assistance for spectators during the event and to provide a safe efficient and secure entry environment for spectators, sponsors, and volunteers.
  • - Manage security checkpoints at main entrances for baggage check with private security firm.
  • - Check for cell phones and cameras (cameras not allowed Thursday through Sunday).
  • - Knowledge of tournament credentials to manage these entry points.
  • - Drive shuttle cart for disabled patrons.
This committee provides to every approved Vendor, Volunteer, Tournament Staff, and qualified Media/TV that need a golf cart with one. Volunteers are needed Monday through Sunday and are expected to:
  • - Maintain a detailed log of where golf carts are always, and to whom they are given.
  • - Stage carts in barn for easy dispatch when they are picked up.
  • - Monitor that the carts are charged and cleaned when returned to the cart barn.
  • - Provide shuttle for anyone commuting to and from the practice range.
The role of the Ambassadors is to welcome guests to various corporate hospitality venues, and ensure the guests are in the correct place. Volunteers are needed Thursday through Sunday and are expected to:

  • - Welcome guests to a particular venue. Put wristbands on them, as necessary.
  • - Ensure they have the right credential and validate that credential at venue entry point.
  • - Monitor and manage the number of guests in each venue.
  • - Answer any questions a guest might have.
  • - Most importantly treat them like “they are the most important person at Colonial.”
  • - Fun-loving, outgoing, personable, mature, and energetic.​​​​​​​
This committee is the largest group of volunteers and provides gallery control for the tournament and ensures PGA TOUR player safety and movement around the golf course. Gallery Ambassadors are needed Monday through Sunday. Daily shifts are from 5-6 hours. Volunteers are expected to:
  • - Work a minimum of (5) five days: one (1) day Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday plus (4) four days Thursday through Sunday.
  • - Control patron noise, camera, and cell phone usage.
  • - Crowd control with handheld signage and patron ropes.
  • - Keep patrons away from golf balls that land outside the ropes.
  • - Distribution of Tournament Programs and Pairings Sheets at strategic locations for tournament information and sponsor exposure.
  • - To ensure that every spectator and sponsor can receive a Tournament Program and Pairings Sheet.
  • - Workdays and shifts are Wednesday through Sunday 7:00am-10:30am and 10:30am-2:30pm.
This committee transmits scores and other information from each playing group, per player, to the PGA Tour ShotLink truck without disrupting tournament play. Scorers will keep on-course statistics and scores on a handheld computer device. This information, as well as the ShotLink information, is the input for the PGA TOUR ShotLink system. Volunteers are expected to:
  • - Work at least four (4) full days, Wednesday through Sunday. All Scorer volunteers are required to work Wednesday and at least three (3) additional days.
  • - Attend at least one (1) training session to review the Palm type computer device with a PGA TOUR representative. The training sessions are approximately one hour and are usually held the weekend prior to the tournament.
  • - Understand golf rules and etiquette.
  • - Walk (18) holes, rain, or shine, while wearing the proper equipment.
This committee collaborates with Tour staff inside the ropes to collect and disseminate statistical data on every shot by every player, with the information relayed via electronic equipment. Volunteers are expected to:
  • - Work four (4) full days, Thursday through Sunday. Wednesday is mandatory for those with two or less years’ Competition Support experience and optional for those with three or more years’ experience.
  • - Attend at least one (1) training session to review the ShotLink system with a PGA TOUR representative. The training sessions are approximately one hour and are usually held the weekend prior to the tournament. Also, online training could be necessary.
  • - Volunteers work as mobile “ball spotters,” working with Tour technician to locate all golf shots, especially those that miss the fairways or greens.
The Volunteer Headquarters is the epicenter for all volunteer activity. This committee will create and manage a well-equipped, comfortable environment for volunteers to register and relax in. They will provide food and beverage and have information available for volunteers. Volunteers are expected to:
  • - Assist Committee Chairs and volunteers with questions or issues.
  • - Manage inventory, distribute, and reconcile volunteer apparel Tournament Week.
  • - Distribute and monitor drinks in coolers at various areas on the course.
  • - Monitor the Food and Beverage service provided by the caterer, to ensure this is done daily in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • - Volunteers are needed Monday through Sunday.

Please click HERE if you would like to be on the waitlist for one of the above committees.

Answers to Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions
All volunteers are required to purchase a basic volunteer package. This includes a credential, parking pass, volunteer shirt and cap, and meals on the days worked during tournament week.
Food & beverage will be available on days worked, in the Volunteer Headquarters building next to the main practice chipping green. The volunteer uniform and credential provides admittance. Volunteers stationed out on-course have the option of using nearby concession stands. Please note that the Volunteer Headquarters facility is for working VOLUNTEERS ONLY on the days you work. No friends or family members are allowed access to the Volunteer Headquarters.
Volunteers can park at a dedicated lot convenient to Colonial, and be shuttled to the golf course.
Please click here for a list of volunteer opportunities. The tournament organization includes numerous volunteer committees that perform a variety of tasks. A few do some work prior to the event, but the bulk of volunteers do most or all of their work during the tournament week (i.e.: Gallery Management, Hospitality Ambassadors, Competition Support etc.). Committee chairpersons typically seek volunteers who can work several days during the tournament.

Each committee assigns specific tasks and times of work to each volunteer prior to tournament week. Most volunteers return year after year, which sometimes leads to relatively few openings for new volunteers each year, unless new committees are formed or existing committees enlarged – which can happen at any time. Some very popular small committees have waiting lists, while other large committees offer the opportunity to work right away, such as the Gallery Management Committee.


For more information or questions about any volunteer experience, please reach out to the Charles Schwab Volunteer Coordinator, Lyn Lackey at 817-840-2300 or via email at [email protected]